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57 Spanish Words that Actually Come From Arabic | Super Easy Spanish 61

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How is your Spanish? Better than your Arabic? If you’re learning Spanish you might know a few more Arabic words than you realise! This week José is helped by our friend Rawad to discover some of the most typical words that come to Spanish from Arabic.


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We try to translate our subtitles into English in the most literal way possible, without losing the meaning. While it may not always produce the best-sounding translation, we hope you find this useful as it should reduce the need for a dictionary or grammar book to understand every sentence.

57 Spanish Words that Actually Come From Arabic | Super Easy Spanish 61

The Arabic language has had a major influence on Spanish. Some estimates put the number of Arabic words in Spanish at around 4,000. As well as the 47 Arabic words that Rawad pronounces, can you find the 10 others that are hidden throughout the video?

Note on the Arabic words:
In some cases, to show the connection between Arabic and Spanish more easily, we have shown the classical or Spanish Arabic word, rather than the word most Arabic speakers would use today.

*Albur: We made a video about this word! Check it out if you’re unsure about the meaning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SjZ91Wnstc&ab_channel=EasySpanish
The connection of Mexican Albur to Arabic is in doubt. The origins of this phrase are mysterious! However, the Spanish word “albur”, which can refer to a kind of fish, or be a synonym of “azar”, almost certainly does come from Arabic.

The team behind this episode:

???? Host of this episode: José Mora Landívar, Rawad Sabbagh, Harry Sumner, Sara Delgado, Paulina Sainz, Agustín
???? Editing: Harry Sumner
???? Camera: Harry Sumner, Rodrigo Dada
???????? Translation: Harry Sumner Johnny Yeldham
✏️ Transcription: Agustín Tripodi
???? Proofreading: José Mora Landívar
???? Producer: Fran Soza
Special Thanks to Louis Sumner for the drums!
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