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With A Single Photo, Chris Pratt Just Became Hollywood's Manliest Leading Man

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You are nowhere near as manly as Chris Pratt is...

That is what Universal Pictures and Pratt's publicist want you to know after taking one look at the first real shot of the actor in full badass mode for the next instalment of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World. The photo has the rapidly rising star looking off into the distance striking a pose that screams 'new leading man' and it is hard to deny that somebody spent some real time making sure this guy looks like he is ready to get his own manly action franchise. Chris Pratt is not screwing around and this photo tells us that. It may as well have had a caption that said "I'm Chris Pratt and I am not screwing around anymore.

From the shirt to the picnic table, this is the most carefully constructed man photo I have ever seen. I felt ashamed of myself for my lack of manliness once I really took a closer look at it.

But why? After pinpointing ten clear elements, I found my answer. The video delves deep and the photo is below for your own analysis.
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