[Special Project] Join our next music video !!! (English, Spanish, Turkish SUB)

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⚡ Join our next music video ⚡
E-mail : [email protected]

Deadline : 6/23 (23rd, June)
Running Time : Free (but the best is 10 - 30 seconds)

⚡ High Tension Instagram ⚡

We want to hold a special event with our loving fans.
The event is called, "Music video with our fans!"
We made a new song. The song is so great!
Dancing with your friends while listening to our music
or cheering for High Tension.
Any video related to us is fine.
Wouldn't it be even better if they used our hand signature?
It doesn’t matter if they show their face or not,
but it is better to show their face.
Make the video with your friends, family and more!!!
You can draw us or express yourself using objects.
(like using lightning or our mask.) Everything is okay.
We look forward to your creative videos.
Send them to our email address written at the bottom of the screen. Feel free to participate.
High resolution (FHD), and horizontal video is the best!
We want to include your video in our precious music video.
If you have any questions, please contact us using our E-mail address.

⚡ E-mail : [email protected]

I hope that many of you will participate.
We look forward to your beautiful videos.

#electronica #kpop #musicvideo #challenge

⚡ BGM ⚡

Palm Trees (feat. Joey Edwin) - Joakim Karud
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
Music Playlist by http://reurl.kr/1992B2F2CW
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