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FALTAR - Cuándo Usarlo ¡4 Usos Diferentes! [Día 5]

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Spanish is a language that has a lot of words and verbs with different meanings and uses. That is why for the following 8 days we are going to quickly teach you a new word with different meanings each day. ¡Deja tu comentario con una frase utilizando FALTAR!

We did a contest in March this year where we taught about these verbs but we wanted to make this available to everybody. I hope you enjoy this quick videos.

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1) To not attend something / miss classes / miss a meeting (Faltar a)
Yo falté a la reunión el viernes.
I missed the meeting on Friday.

2) To lack/need something
El carro cuesta 25,000 dólares, ya tengo 20 mil así que me faltan 5 mil.
The car is 25,000 USD, I have 20 thousand already so I need 5 thousand.

Me falta when followed by a singular noun: Me falta una parte de la plata.
Me faltan when followed by a plural noun: Me faltan 100 dólares.

3) When you have not done something yet
Ya limpié la cocina y la habitación pero me falta limpiar el baño.
I already cleaned the kitchen and the room but I still need to clean the bathroom.

4) I miss you
Me haces falta. = Te extraño.

Saludes desde Colombia

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