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Big Beautiful Contract For Big Beautiful Woman

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It's a great day for corpulent women. Why? Because, the biggest plus-sized model ever has been signed by a prominent modelling agency in the UK. And they usually sign anthropomorphised stick bugs. Pretty ones, but still.
Yes indeed, the big and beautiful Tess Holliday is the hottest, newest face in the world of plus-size modelling and her shorter stature and larger dress size is a true first. Frankly, Miss Holliday isn't plump or chubby or rotund. Miss Holliday is fat. By all definitions, she is a fat person. And you know what? Not only is that totes okay, it's beautiful. Maybe even a new beauty ideal. Is the Rubenesque beauty back for good?
That said, Marc has a take on why that's still brutally unfair in a colossal way if you are a man human person.
Please to enjoy this "news".
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