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Why Did 'Summer House’s Hannah Berner Leave Reality TV? | Celebrity Astrology Investigation | PEOPLE

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Aliza Kelly, a trusted celebrity astrologer, reads the birth chart of Hannah Berner - breakout comedian, viral content creator, & luscious Leo! Aliza dives deep into Hannah & her fiancé’s astrological compatibility and uncovers wedding deets and career successes.

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Hannah Berner Summer House
1:42 Why did Hannah Berner leave Summer House?
3:26 Hannah Berner's Astrological sign
5:22 Hannah Berner's Tennis Career
5:53 Hannah Berner's Stand-Up Career
6:29 Hannah Berner's Relationship
7:39 Des Bishop and Hannah Berner's compatibility
7:50 Des Bishop is psychic!
12:12 Hannah Berner's biggest fear
13:30 Something big happening in April 2022 for Hannah Berner
15:33 HannahBerner.com, @beingbernz, Berning in Hell Podcast, Giggly Squad Podcast
16:04 Astro Glossary
16:05 Witch Potion
16:34 Hannah Berner
16:47 Fourth house
17:10 Degree Measurements
17:30 Wounded Healer
17:48 Leo Characteristics
18:15 Steve Martin
18:17 Outro

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Why did 'Summer House’s Hannah Berner Leave Reality TV? | Celebrity Astrology Investigation | PEOPLE
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