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TOCAR ¡3 Usos Diferentes! [Día 6]

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Spanish is a language that has a lot of words and verbs with different meanings and uses. That is why for the following 8 days we are going to quickly teach you a new word with different meanings each day.

¡Recuerda dejarnos tu comentario con una frase utilizando alguno de estos usos de echar!

We did a contest in March this year where we taught about these verbs but we wanted to make this available to everybody. I hope you enjoy this quick videos.

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TOCAR - Usos
1) To touch something - Tocar algo

No toques la estufa, está caliente y te puedes quemar.
Do not touch the stove, it is hot and you can burn yourself.

2) To play an instrument - Tocar un instrumento musical

Yo toco la guitarra y la batería.
I play the guitar and the drums.

¿Sabes tocar el piano?
Do you know how to play the piano?

3) To have to do something - Tocarle hacer algo a alguien / tener que hacer algo

Me toca terminar [tengo que terminar] el proyecto para el viernes.
I have to finish the project by Friday.

A Juan le tocó [Juan tuvo que] tomar un taxi un taxi porque su carro se dañó.
Juan had to take a taxi because his car broke down.

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