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Shawn Mendes - Song For No One (Live from Wonder: The Experience)

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I wake up
A little drunk
Check my phone
I'm all alone
10 missed calls
A couple texts
None of them are who I'm looking for
who I'm looking for yeah

This is a song for no one
This is a song for no one

Get on a plane
Fly to the most beautiful place you've ever been
Close my eyes
Things are better in my dreams
Cause I'm with someone
Someone I adore

This is a song for no one
I wrote this song for no one

Yesterday I got pretty drunk
Said some things that I shouldn't of
Told you that I really love you
You did not reciprocate those feelings
But that's ok I'll be fine anyway

Ohhh, yeaaaah

I wrote this song for no one
I wrote this song
Whooo, Whooooo, Whooo, Whooooo
No I wrote this song for no one yeah
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