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Rudy Preparing To Testify / George Takes Control Of Marriage

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Join Psychic Violetta as she looks into Kellyanne Coway's marriage, Rudy Giuliani's loyalty, Trump's twitter tirade, and more...
0:47 Is Rosemary Vrablic aware of Russian money laundering through Deutsche Bank?
1:10 Is Rosemary Vrablic guilty of Russian money laundering through Deutsche Bank?
1:40 Will Rosemary Vrablic lie under oath to protect Trump?
5:49 Why did Steve Bannon hand over thousands documents regarding Trump to the democrats without being subpoenaed?
10:07 Why is Rudy Giuliani not appearing on cable news lately?
20:16 Will Rudy Giuliani be indicted?
13:20 Will Rudy Giuliani testify against Trump?
14:04 How is Kellyanne Conway's marriage these days?
15:44 Is Kellyanne Conway going around talking dirty about her husband?
16:35 Was Trump high on Adderall during his twitter tirade?
18:34 Will Trump change his Tweeting habits?
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