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QUEDAR ¡5 Usos Diferentes! [Día 7]

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Spanish is a language that has a lot of words and verbs with different meanings and uses. That is why for the following 8 days we are going to quickly teach you a new word with different meanings each day.

¡Este es el día 7! Ya solo nos queda una palabra. Recuerda dejar tu frase para corregirte.

We did a contest in March this year where we taught about these verbs but we wanted to make this available to everybody. I hope you enjoy this quick videos.

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1) To stay at a place for a period of time: quedarse
Me quedé en la casa de mis padres por 1 semana.
I stayed at my parents’ house for 1 week.

2) To talk about what is left of something: quedar
Diana ya vendió casi todas las empanadas. Solo le quedan 2.
Diana already sold almost all the empanadas. She only has 2 left.

Yo tenía 50 dólares pero ya gasté 30, solo me quedan 20.
I had 50 dollars but already spent 30, there are only 20 left.

3) To say that something (clothes or shoes) fit you: quedar bueno(s)
Esta camisa no me queda buena. Tengo que devolverla.
This shirt doesn't fit me. I have to return it.

Estas botas no me quedan buenas. Son muy grandes para mí.
These boots don't fit me. They are too big for me.

4) To say that something (clothes or shoes) look good on you: quedar bien
Ese vestido te queda bien.
That dress looks good on you.

A Ruby le queda bien el rojo.
Ruby looks good in red.

5) To talk about how far a place is from another place: Quedar a… –De…
¿A cuánto tiempo queda tu oficina de tu casa?
How far is your office from your house?

Mi oficina queda a 10 minutos de mi casa.
My office is 10 minutes from my house.
Nos vemos muy pronto,

Abrazos desde Colombia,

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