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♪ CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS THE MUSICAL - Animated Parody Music Video

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Elias Walker preaches to his sons Hesh and Logan about being naughty Ghosts while trying to capture Rorke to the beat of the invading South American Federation...

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"LIKE A GHOST" An original song about Call of Duty: Ghosts by Logan Hugueny-Clark (aka LHUGUENY)


ODIN to Ground Control,
We're under attack by some Federation a-holes,
They're using our weapons against us,
We're going down and our country's defenseless.

ODIN's gone berserk, America's collapsed,
Like a Roland Emmerich film except it's not so sad,
My brother Hesh and I get rescued by our dad,
He was a soldier but he's never seen sh*t get this bad.
Ten years down the road the USA is dirt,
The South American Federation made us hurt.
After meeting with some Ghosts we find Ajax,
Our base in Santa Monica gets wrecked and attacked.

You two know me as dad, but I'm the number one Ghost,
Ever since you were babies, I've been slitting them throats.
I want you in the club so start wearing some masks,
So we can catch our ex-partner and shoot his ass.

So we're going on the hunt to find Rorke's crew,
While our dog Riley finds some soldiers' throats to chew.
We capture Rorke, transport him in our plane,
But he had a plan to escape, did he learn that from Bane?

Escape like a Ghost, escape like a Ghost,
Strobe like a Ghost, strobe like a Ghost,
Sneak like a Ghost, sneak like a Ghost,
Stab like a Ghost, stab like a Gho-oh-ost,
Shoot like a Ghost, shoot like a Ghost,
Blast like a Ghost, blast like a Ghost,
Kill like a Ghost, kill like a Ghost,
Never give a damn if you're a cold-blooded Ghost, yeah.

Chillin' in Antarctic, below the ice we attacked,
To sink the Fed's Atlas rig and their navy distract,
They sent a satellite up with weapons ready to burst,
So we planned to hijack it back, let's stop in Vegas first.

I'm a crazy mo-fo who's fueled by revenge,
Always thought of Elias as my ally and friend,
But after leaving my for dead to save his other guys,
I'd like to shoot him in the chest right in front of your eyes.

C'mon! Let's move! We gotta go!
Your dad's dead! Just get over it...

Shut the f*ck up Merrick! It's not about that!
Can't you see Riley's been shot?!
It's okay boy, we'll get you outta here.

Fight like a Ghost, fight like a Ghost,
Run like a Ghost, run like a Ghost,
Attack like a Ghost, attack like a Ghost,
Slice 'em like a Ghost, slice 'em like a Gho-oh-ost.
Launch like a Ghost, launch like a Ghost,
Chase like a Ghost, chase like a Ghost,
Float like a Ghost, float like a Ghost,
Avenge your father's death like a bad f*ckin' Ghost, yeah!

(c) 2011, 2013 LHC
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