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¿Cuándo Usar LLEVAR? ¡Tres Usos Diferentes! [Día 2]

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Spanish is a language that has a lot of words and verbs with different meanings and uses. That is why for the following 8 days we are going to quickly teach you a new word with different meanings each day.

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We did a contest in March this year where we taught about these verbs but we wanted to make this available to everybody. I hope you enjoy this quick videos.

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1) To take something or someone to a place.
I will take my sunglasses in case it is sunny.
Llevaré mis gafas de sol en caso de que sea soleado.

2) To talk about the period of time you have spent at a place or doing something.
How long have you been in Colombia?
¿Cuánto tiempo llevas aquí en Colombia?

How long have you been learning Spanish?
¿Cuánto tiempo llevas aprendiendo español?

3) To talk about the ingredients of a certain dish / salad / soup, etc.
A: What does that smoothie have?
¿Qué lleva ese batido?

B: It has spinach, banana, pineapple, and honey.
Lleva espinaca, banano, piña y miel.

¡Que tengas un lindo día!

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