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¿Cómo usar ACABAR y ACABARSE? ¡Tres Usos Diferentes! [Día 1]

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Spanish is a language that has a lot of words and verbs with different meanings and uses. That is why for the following 8 days we are going to quickly teach you a new word with different meanings each day.

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We did a contest in March this year where we taught about these verbs but we wanted to make this available to everybody. I hope you enjoy this quick videos.

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1) To say that an event has finished: Acabarse (Synonym for terminar & finalizar)
The meeting finished at 11 am.
La reunión se acabó a las 11 am.

The concert is almost finished.
El concierto ya casi se acaba.

2) To say that you've run out of something: Acabarse ''se acabó/se acabaron."
We've run out of sugar.
Se acabó el azúcar.

We've run out of eggs.
Se acabaron los huevos.

3) When you have just done something: Acabar de hacer algo
I have just talked to Juan. (Present perfect)
Acabo de hablar con Juan.

I just talked to Juan. (Preterite)
Acabé de hablar con Juan.

She has just arrived. (Present perfect)
Ella acaba de llegar.

She just arrived. (Preterite)
Ella acabó de llegar.

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